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About Us

Love North offers a range of organic body care and herbal medicinal products using sustainably grown ingredients that are local to the Ontario landscape.

We believe in Love North’s products and the process: Harvest, dry, concoct, pour, macerate, whip and mix with love, integrity and passion.

Love North (formerly Earth Mama’s) was born back in 2010 when owner Ashley Love began concocting herbal remedies while working at a local health food store. She was curious how to use local resources to create medicine and organic body care. Her Native roots allowed her to picture her forefathers and mothers gathering food and medicine on this very land.

After studying western herbal medicine Ashley moved to the forest and built a sustainable cabin. She lived off the land for almost two years. During this time she deepened her relationship with the earth and the plant worlds.

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Our Vision

Self care practices with the abundance of Mother Earth will lead to honouring oneself. As we learn to care for ourselves we will awaken awareness to do the same for the earth, the plants and animal worlds, and of course one another. This will elevate the vibration of our entire planet.