Dream Catcher Herbal Tea


Calm the nerves for a restful night’s sleep. We ethically wild-harvest all of our plants from the Muskoka Parry Sound area, this ensures the quality is high, and we make sure not to disrupt the balance of the ecosystem.

Our dream catcher tea comes loose leaf, and is approximately 12 grams in weight. It has notes of wild chamomile and sweet gale, which comes out slightly sweet and floral tasting. It is perfect to calm the nervous system, and works best to drink right before bed.


Wild chamomile and aromatic sweet gale calm the nerves for a restful night’s sleep.


Additional information

Weight 12 g

Matricaria chamomilla (chamomile), matricaria discoidea (wild chamomile), nepeta cataria (catnip), rubus idaeus (raspberry leaves), myrica gale (sweet gale)

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